Jun 2024

Jun 22 2024
9:00 am - 6:30 pm
Creative Media in Psychotherapy

WHEN: Saturday, 22 June 2024
WHERE: Vorarlberger Landesmuseum, Kornmarktplatz 1, 6900 Bregenz

From the point of view of the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (SEPI), creative media in psychotherapy are a central topic. This event will explore the use of creative media in therapeutic practices and aims to promote the healing process through art, music and movement.

Participation can be booked both in person and as a webinar. More details on how to register will follow shortly.

Gabriela Kasperski
Ueli Kramer
Ilse Orth
Cornelia Cubasch-König
Angelika Jobst
Markus Böckle
Barbara Laimböck
Barbara Winzely
Anne Martin
Kristin Osborn

Between 14:00-16:00 the selectable workshops will take place. The details of the
Worshops 2024 can be found here.
NOTE: Kristin’s workshop will take place between 4:30-6:00 pm.


Markus Böckle,
Ueli Kramer

•The detailed daily schedule for 2024 can be found here.

This conference is certified by the Austrian Federal Association for Psychotherapy (ÖBVP) as a training course for psychotherapists in accordance with the Continuing Education Guideline for Psychotherapists of the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) to the extent of a total of seven work units (7 AE).

Vorarlberg Museum, 6900 Bregenz
Jun 26 2024 - Jun 29 2024
Contact for specific event times
Society for Psychotherapy Research 55th Annual International Meeting

We are pleased to announce the 55th international Annual Meeting for the Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR) to be held in Ottawa, Canada from Wednesday 26th, through Saturday 29th, 2024 with an on-site/online format.The conference theme is “Going beyond symptom change: Promoting flourishing virtues and social changes”.

Psychotherapy has long focused on understanding and treating psychopathology and problems. It is essential that therapists empathically listen to, witness, and understand client’s suffering and that psychotherapy researchers empirically find effective ways to resolve problems. However, psychological health is not simply an absence of symptoms and suffering. Both psychotherapists and researchers need to explore and understand optimal mental health as rigorously as we examine psychological disorders and problems. Flourishing is an optimal range of human functioning including positive emotions and positive psychological and social functioning in which people are cultivating strengths, wellbeing, resilience, and realizing one’s potential to grow and develop.

In addition, the exploration of optimal mental health calls for extending our exploration into virtue to examine questions such as “What is the good life?” and “What gives meaning to life?”. Psychotherapy is intrinsically oriented toward cultivating virtues both in our clients and therapists. Exploring and understanding suffering can lead to wisdom about what is right and what is good, and to the determination to realize these both personally and socially, which can lead to larger collective change in society. Virtues such as justice, courage, truthfulness, or humor are foundations for a therapist’s character. They may also emerge as a result of the client enduring, facing, accepting, and tackling emotional pain and life challenges. Virtues are sometimes used with connotations of morally rigid and external conformity and perfectionism, but virtues are flexible capacities that promote personal and relational health. The theme of this conference calls for conceptual and methodological innovations in psychotherapy research to expand its roles in global mental health and the betterment of society.
We highly encourage you to join the conference in person since we expect a well-attended and vivid meeting. If you cannot make it to Ottawa, you can participate online. The program content will be available through our virtual conference platform. We are planning plenty of networking opportunities for all on-site attendees. Please pay attention, also, to our wonderful pre-conference workshop program.

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University of Ottowa, Ottawa Ontario

Oct 2025

Oct 9 2025 - Oct 11 2025
12:00 am
SEPI 2025 Conference

Date: Oct. 9-11
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

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