Breaking through to Feeling with Kristin Osborn: How to confidently maintain effectiveness when your client gateways to feeling

May 24 2019
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Skånegatan 97
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You’ve been ‘Working the Triangles’ and suddenly your client makes a shift and is experiencing intense emotions like rage, sexual attraction, terror, sorrow or longing for love. Sometimes its hard to shift with your client in these moments. You’ve been so focused on defenses and anxiety, you just aren’t ready for what is coming next. Learn how to cultivate compassion for yourself so that you can learn the art of ‘staying out of the way,’ and apply interventions that will lengthen an affect exposure.

*Birgitta Elmquist owner of Affektfokus Institute is co-hosting this event. Please email her with any questions regarding this event.

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