Clinician Heal Thyself: How to become more aware of your emotions so you can take care of yourself and those you treat

Dec 1 2017
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
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A One Day Workshop with Kristin Osborn

In this experiential workshop you’ll learn new ways of experiencing your emotional state and to care for yourself in a new powerful way. You’ll learn how to develop a self-caring state so that you connect more fully with yourself and discover how your increased growing sense of well-being enhances the healing process in those you treat. You’ll learn how to be more present and curious in session so you can offer an authentic therapeutic experience and help your patient explore his or her underlying emotions. In this workshop, you’ll learn and practice techniques from Self Connection Therapy and APT to add to your therapeutic repertoire.

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Fee for Training: $150

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Available until August 31, 2017


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