Working the Triangles with Kristin Osborn: Learn how to assess where your client is in the moment and when to apply therapeutic interventions

Oct 19 2018
9:00 am - 12:30 pm
Skånegatan 97 Stockholm
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Accurately assessing what your client is experiencing ‘in session’ helps you decide what therapeutic interventions to use and when to apply them. In this experiential workshop, you’ll not only learn how to ‘Work the Triangles’, but you’ll also design your own form of ‘Deliberate Practice’ so you can create a daily practice to strengthen your therapeutic skills. We’ll use video segments of psychotherapy sessions, research scales, live demonstrations and interactive exercises so that you can compassionately determine in the company of your colleagues what areas of your practice are your ‘learning edges’. This workshop is designed to meet the learning needs of all clinicians who work with emotions (APT, AEDP, ISTDP, AB-ISTDP, ACT, CBT, EFT, CFT, etc…)

*Event organized in cooperation with Birgitta Elmquist at

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